Reality is mostly in your head

Reality is mostly in your head

Reality is mostly in your headReality is mostly in your headReality is mostly in your head

Try something truly different for your next party, meeting, or corporate event!

HeadspaceVR provides a virtual reality experience guaranteed to amaze, entertain, and probably raise your heart rate! Whether it's an exciting group activity for a casual gathering, a unique take on a company team-building exercise, or a way to support your business through immersive marketing, our mobile VR solutions come fully configured with content choices appropriate for your needs and top-of-the-line gear to make sure you all have a great time! 




Virtual Reality (VR) is an interactive technology that lets you experience fully-immersive, 360-degree worlds that exist completely within the realm of imagination (and software), all from the comfort and safety of your own familiar surroundings.



In a HeadspaceVR experience, you can choose from dozens of opportunities to:

  • Learn – enjoy the thrill of discovery and expand your mind 
  • Create – paint with light or even build things in mid-air
  • Explore – visit the world (or ones that may or not exist)
  • Combat – test your mettle against virtual foes 
  • Play – live out a sports fantasy (and get a great workout!) 
  • Conquer – face your fear of heights (or other scary things)
  • Relax – escape from the real world to tranquility and quiet. 
  • Travel – visit any destination - without a plane ticket! 



HeadspaceVR stations are rentable by the hour, with a minimum 2-hour booking time. 

Since these are single-player stations, generally speaking for casual gatherings you should allow for at least 7-10 minutes per guest. Each station is staffed with a professional assistant to setup/break down the stations and assist guests.

Our stations are portable and self-contained - all that is required is a minimum 6’x 6’ open area with access to at least one standard 110v power outlet. WiFi access is preferred, but is not absolutely necessary.

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